Ecstatic Arma fans rejoice as we have announced first premium DLC for Arma 3 Karts: “Are you seriously became retarded at Bohemia. We are waiting since Operation flashpoint on certain gameplay features. But you guy’s decide to create a stupid Kart DLC?????”

First year of Arma 3

It has been an incredibly busy year of Arma 3 development, from alpha to the final chapter of the single player campaign. Thank you for playing and we are looking forward to another busy year on the project!

Two splendid new locations coming soon to #altis in #arma3  : stadium and abandoned hotel

I got PS Vita today, just to play TxK. Hard to believe Tempest 2000 for Atari Jaguar was released 20 years ago. Finally a remake that is nearly as good as the original.

Thank you!

#DayZ just passed one million sales four weeks after the release.

Happy New Year

DayZ diary: My first life

A few hundred thousand people are already playing the DayZ alpha, and I’m one of them. I’ve recorded my journey so far, one, remarkably, that hasn’t yet ended in death.
First day of Dayz (Alpha). Hours passed: 24. Copies sold: 172500. Survivors online: 142403. Bugs discovered: many. Work ahead: hard.


DayZ game was released today, Monday December 16th 2013, 19:41 (UTC), as Early Access Alpha. Thanks to all the people supporting us. We are commited to make DayZ as strong multiplayer survival experience as possible in coming years.image

Am I good, or am I good?